Lab Alumni



Angela Frankel

Jun 2014 - Jul 2017, Research Technician & Lab Manager

Angela graduated with honors from Harvard University, concentrating in Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology.  She completed her senior thesis at the lab of Caroline and Geoffrey Burns at Harvard Medical School, studying second heart field progenitor cell specification in zebrafish. 

One of Angie's areas of focus in the Schwartz Lab includes optimizing differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to hepatocyte-like cells for use in modeling liver diseases such as Hepatitis B and Hepatocellular Carcinoma. 

Outside of lab, Angie volunteers as a ski instructor in West Point, NY, and volunteers with The Doula Project, an NYC nonprofit.


Sameen Belal

Nov 2014 - May 2018, Undergraduate Intern

Sameen is a sophomore at NYU, majoring in Biochemistry. He is a self described Coca Cola enthusiast and spends most of his time watching reruns of Scrubs and Jake and Amir, hoping someday to mesh the personalities of his two favorite characters together to become the perfect combination of John Dorian and Amir Blumenfeld. When he is not bothering Angie, Sameen can be found supporting lab experiments and honing new techniques.